Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

How data can accelerate onboarding of new sales reps

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is Microsoft’s answer to bringing your CRM data to the cloud.  It is a full featured CRM platform that now runs in Microsoft’s data centers so you don’t have to worry about all the IT hassles associated with running a CRM solution on-premises.  There are many benefits to using Microsoft’s cloud offering as the backbone of your sales solution.  


3 Wrong Ways to Use Data in Sales


Data is always there for you. Whenever there is a question, concern, or unresolved issue, you can be sure you can rely on numbers to uncover the answers.

However, data is not without its own flaws. There is no question that every sales organization should gather and analyze data to improve the bottom line, but you should also pay attention to its downsides.


How to Ask the Perfect Questions to Improve Sales Communication


We ask hundreds of questions each day, everything from “what time is it?” to “how can I help you today?”

These questions come so naturally to us that we forget how powerful they can be during the sales process. Whether you are building trust or closing a deal, the right question can significantly improve your sales communication.