10 Sales Blogs You Should Be Following

Sales blogs, just like blogs of any other topics, are a dime a dozen. Given the sheer volume of content covering everything from customer retention and sales management to how to lead your prospects through the buying process, it’s hard to cut through the online clutter. 

To make it easier for you to get the best information, we’ve curated 10 of the most remarkable sales blogs on the web. Running the gamut from snarky to serious, these sales blogs are sure to inform and entertain. Add them to your RSS feeds and bookmark bars today.

  1. A Sales Guy (A$G): Jim Keenan’s posts are sometimes a little salty, but they make for an entertaining read (even when they’re about skiing and not selling). But A$G also frequently features guest bloggers that get down to business when it comes to superior sales tips.

  2. Sales Benchmark Index: Tim Cook (or even Steve Jobs) would appreciate this blog’s clean design. But its content is noteworthy, too. Daily posts cover everything from whether you should dump your sales process to social selling insights and how to choose a trustworthy CRM system. 

  3. Salesforce Blog: Salesforce’s strong market presence is reflected in its encyclopedic blog. Read about the latest trends in cloud-based selling before perusing the extensive blogs on keeping customers happy. Infographics and slideshows appear frequently on the pages here, making for a refreshing break from reading lists and blocks of text. 

  4. Partners In Excellence: Don’t always judge a blog by its appearance. What Partners In Excellence lacks in aesthetic appeal it makes up for in quality content. Thought leader Dave Brock offers his expert insight on various business, sales, marketing and leadership topics. Brock’s weekly posts get plenty of social media traction and he actively engages with readers in the blog’s commentary section. 

  5. The Center For Sales Strategy: Featuring down-to-earth, relatable sales advice, this blog covers must-know sales strategies from an accessible angle. Occasionally contrarian headlines, such as “How LinkedIn’s Prospecting Tools Can Hurt Business Development Efforts,” grab your attention, and the blog’s “Weekly Wrap-Up” pieces curate the best internal posts as well as links to eye-catching content from around the web. 

  6. Sales Source (Inc.): If a sales blog could win the internet, Geoffrey James’s Sales Source would be a first-place contender. The content rakes in social media shares by the thousands, and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to make $18,000 in seven seconds

  7. Smart Calling Blog: Sales pro Art Sobczak shares his tips for doing business by phone. He covers everything from the art of asking “how” questions to what we can learn from the now infamous Comcast cancelation call debacle. The blog also features a number of free resources and videos.

  8. Fearless Selling: Seemingly, Kelley Robertson looks at life through a sales-shaded lens. The Canadian sales pro’s posts are full of anecdotal examples highlighting sales dos and don’ts. Bombastic rocker Jack White, as Robertson points out, is a master salesman that we have a lot to learn from. 

  9. Millennial CEO: Despite what its name might imply, the hashtags and @ signs are kept to a minimum here. Instead, you get content geared toward selling to the 80-million strong millennial market. 

  10. The IMPACT Sales Training Blog:  IMPACT posts just come once or twice a week, but when they do arrive, expect this B2B sales blog to deliver compelling content covering prospecting, sales management and relationship-building. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): It’s tough to find reliable, relatable content amid the flurry online. This top-10 list is by no means exhaustive, but each selection shares the common theme of consistent, quality content. Know another sales blog you think deserves recognition? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 

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