3 ‘Old-School’ Sales Tips You Should Still Use With Every Call

It takes guts to be a salesperson. Let’s face it, rejection hurts. You follow lead after lead, make call after call. You’re constantly striving to meet a quota only to have the quota raised. Luckily, you’ve got a product you believe in and a handful of reliable clients who believe in you.

So how do you land more clients and ensure those that are already with you stay with you?

According to an article on the Smart Calling Blog website, the key to increased success is asking for a commitment to a sale with every single call. Rather than using wishy-washy language — “Let me know if I can help” or “Keep me in mind if you need something” — the article suggests requesting “some type of commitment to ensure they’re moving closer to a sale.”

At Tellwise, we agree! If you do this, you’ll waste less time and money, feel more success and get rejected less often. This method — which we’ll talk about a bit more below — works like magic. Sure, these tips are a bit “old school,” but just because they’re old it doesn’t mean they don’t work.

Here are the top three things you need to do to score a win.

  1. Paint a picture: Help customers visualize using your stuff. The article suggests asking questions like: “If you had this, how do you feel you’d utilize it?”
  2. Don’t be pushy: If someone doesn’t need your stuff, then you’re being pushy if you try to sell it to them. But asking them to buy an appropriately recommended product or service isn’t the same as being pushy.
  3. Ask for decisions: “Don’t let people put you off,” the article states. “It wastes your time and money. Equate getting a decision — yes or no — with success. 

We would add one more thing to this list: Technology-supported selling and social engagement are also super important for success these days. While you probably won’t be closing deals over Twitter, it is a critical engagement tool that sellers must be using.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): At the end of the day, we believe that selling is all about having a blended, multi-platform approach that uses the right tools, the right philosophy and the right information to engage with prospects and customers.

Source: Smart Calling Blog

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