3 Sales Best Practices For Breaking Down Information Silos

It’s always a good idea to encourage sales reps to share information with the rest of the sales team. The whole organization benefits from a culture that promotes sharing and has fewer information silos. 

The key for sales managers to create a more open exchange of information in their teams — one where individual reps don’t jeopardize their own relationships and potential sales — is to embrace the following three sales best practices.

  1. Create an information-sharing culture: The very first step is to build a culture where sharing is expected. One way to do this is to offer reps rewards for taking steps to share information. Offer comps, gifts or just a pat on the back and public recognition. This culture begins with simply recognizing the team member in the sales meeting who shared the best success story. 

  2. Encourage reps to share their losses: Just as it’s important to encourage reps to share their most successful sales of the month, there’s a lot to learn from losses, too. Most people don’t want to talk about the second scenario, but again, it’s very helpful for others in your team to learn what NOT to do. Oftentimes, the reason sales leaders don’t share this kind of information with the group is because they look at a loss as a total failure. But if you find commonalities about why you’re losing sales and address them, you’re likely to experience significant growth opportunities.

  3. Encourage group collaboration with technology: Email is so 1995. Moving past email to share information in a group saves time and encourages collaboration. Why? It’s because collaboration tools are so much better at fostering group communication. Email is inherently a person-to-person communication. That means if someone forgets to hit “reply all” or responds with a different subject line, you lose parts of the conversation.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): At the end of the day, it’s critical for sales managers to encourage their teams to share information. They especially need reps to focus as much on their losses as their wins. The only way this is going to happen is if managers create a safe and effective forum for reps to share this information. 

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