3 Sales Tips To Break Through Common Barriers

Knowing how to cultivate conversations with buyers into meaningful relationships is essential for overcoming the barriers to making a sale.

Sometimes a flat-out “no” from a prospective customer is an easier barrier to navigate than an optimistic “maybe later.” 

Consider these three sales tips for breaking through the barriers every seller faces. 

  1. You don’t control time: Your prospects are going to engage you and ultimately choose whether to buy from you on their own time. Time is the greatest sales barrier, and to break through it, you have to respect it. Just because you present a prospective customer with great information about why you’re the ideal solution to their pains doesn’t mean that they’re going to do anything with that information today, this week, this month or ever. 

    The trick to overcoming the time barrier is figuring out how to manage the gap between when the prospect is made aware of your product or service and when the sale happens. This is all about timing. You don’t control time, but you do control timing. Create a communication pattern that’s well-suited to your buyer’s timeline. 

  2. Don’t assume anything: Cold-calling and sales pitches are slowly going out of style, but many sellers still rely on these tactics. Always remember to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Don’t show up unannounced and start touting how what you’re selling is the answer for all of your buyer’s problems. Even if it is, you shouldn’t make any assumptions. Do your research on your prospect and their company. Approach the sale with confidence, backed by a firm understanding of the buyer’s pains, their business and what you can do to help. 

  3. Communication isn’t an event: Let’s say you’ve invested the time into thoroughly researching your prospect and their business. You reach out to them with a powerful, thoughtful email that really hits home on their pains. The message resonates so well with the buyer that they respond to you. This is exactly what you’re after; you’ve hit a jackpot. Now, don’t lose it! Communication isn’t an event; it’s a journey. Just because you’ve written one great email and elicited a response doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Think of this first exchange as a chapter in a much longer story. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): If you approach your communication with prospective customers like it’s a journey, you’ll encounter fewer barriers to the sale further down the road. Put valuable content in front of them at the right moments, and figure out the best tactics for staying front-of-mind without being annoying. Avoid spamming their inboxes with email every day, and don’t go dark for so long that you lose relevance. Be ready to move quickly whenever a prospect does show interest in what you’re offering them. 

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