3 Things You Don’t Know About Your Customer

You may spend hundreds of hours each quarter calling and emailing your customers, but how much do you really know about them? Sure, you may know what kind of features they’re looking for or what challenges they’re currently facing at work, but do you know what kind of content grabs their attention? Do you know when they’ll be most likely to have a longer, meaningful conversation with you?

Here are three things you don’t know about your customer and how Tellwise can help: 

1. What is the best time of day to call your customers?

Best time of day to call customers

Instead of making calls based on your own schedule and availability, start dialing when your customers are most likely to answer. How do you find the perfect time? Tellwise tracks and analyzes the length of your conversations so you know exactly when you should schedule your calls to be the most effective. You’ll find out when your customers are most engaged and receptive, helping increase the length of your conversations.

For example, you may find out that your longest calls take place at 10 am and your shortest conversations happen at 7pm. Now, you can restructure your day to block out time in the morning for more effective phone calls and complete your administrative tasks later in the day, when your customers aren’t likely to pick up the phone anyway.


2. What messaging and content are the most effective for generating engagement?

What messaging is most effective to customers

Feel confident that you are using the most effective content in your email campaigns. Tellwise is constantly tracking the effectiveness and usage of all emails, allowing you to see what kind of content resonates with the widest range of prospects.

You can see open rates for every email you send, in addition to when that email was opened and on what kind of device. These analytics allow you to test a broad range of messaging and truly understand what does and doesn’t work. For example, you could test email subject lines with personalization, questions, or statistics and measure the results. Gone are the days of blindly sending an email and hoping your prospects will open it.

3. How do your customers engage with emails, links, attachments, instant messaging and more?

How do your customers engage

You share a lot of content with your prospects and customers during the sales process, but it can be challenging to understand what is actually effective. Do they prefer e-books or blog posts? Videos or slides?

Tellwise tracks all engagement to let you know what is working best on a day-by-day basis. Every time a prospect or customer clicks a link, Tellwise automatically tracks and updates it in your CRM. This real-time window in your content can provide insight into how your customers digest content. For example, you can find what day of the week people are most likely to engage with a blog post or what kind of content performs the best.

You may never know everything about your customer, but it’s time to stop guessing about the important things. Tellwise does the work for you. By combining email, phone, instant messaging and live presentations, you can aggregate all customer insights into one place, making you and your team more effective every day.

Learn more about your customers today. Sign up for a free trial of Tellwise.

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