3 Tips For Creating Sales Assets That Go Viral

At many organizations, a clear divide separates the tools used by sales teams and those used by marketing departments. As an experiment, compare the sales assets your staff provides prospects and established clients to the content created by marketing, side by side, if possible. 

What differences do you see? How would you describe those differences? Often, the marketing content appears engaging, catchy and polished, while the sales content looks conservative and — to be blunt — dull.

Many marketing strategies and concepts also apply to creating sales assets. Some salespeople argue that they focus on conducting business and closing sales, not chasing clicks. But that’s no excuse for boring communications. 

Anyone who creates digital content for an online audience — from personal blogs to major news sites — has an interest in making their content highly visible, appealing and clickable. With an abundance of research available, sales teams should focus on creating sales assets that entertain and educate while getting your message across. 

These three tips are designed to help sales reps start thinking like marketers and add life to their sales assets. 

  1. Entice: The first thing you need your email, video or other sales asset to do is attract the attention of a busy person. Your headline might entice the prospect to read your message by building their interest in current events and industry buzz. Keep your tone light, without appearing trivial. 

  2. Entertain: You don’t need to do a song and dance to be entertaining — just focus on a few different ways to spark interest and engagement. One good strategy is to employ a variety of media, such as images, videos, interactive content, social media and information targeted to the prospect’s business needs and interests. 

  3. Educate: Avoid the hard sell at all costs. Instead of talking about how your product or service offers the best solution to a prospect’s concerns or needs, set yourself up as a trusted adviser, providing thoughtful and relevant information. Again, use a variety of content types to accomplish this goal, from short videos to detailed reports. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Don’t be afraid to use techniques from marketing research when creating sales assets. You want to make sure the emails and other sales content that you’re sending to prospective buyers are interesting and clickable. Remember to entice, entertain and educate.

For more tips on creating great sales assets, check out the Tellwise Tipsheet.

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