3 Tips For Sparking Sales Conversations With Shared Content

Forget about using the old-fashioned sales pitch to start sales conversations with prospects. Today’s buyers know what they want and do their own research. They want to access subject-matter experts quickly and make their own decisions. For a salesperson to draw these buyers into sales conversations, you need to project expertise in the business value proposition of your products.

To build that brand authority, start by strategically sharing relevant content and expertise. But what types of content should sales reps share — and how do they go about it? Follow these three tips for using shared content to spark sales conversations

  1. Emphasize customer success stories: Your prospects care more about what their peers are doing than anything a salesperson says. This makes customer success stories a key type of content to share. 

  2. Educate instead of pitching: These days, the seller’s role is to educate and facilitate. By the time self-service buyers reach out to you, they’re already near the end of the decision path. Your job as a salesperson is to help them over that final stretch. Set aside time to read a certain amount of industry content per week and share the best. Curating relevant information keeps you up-to-date, and makes you an educational resource for prospects and customers. 

  3. Support decision-making: In the end, your buyers need to get their management to sign off on the deal and cut the check. Support your buyers in this step by giving them whatever information they need. A streamlined, secure platform helps drive sales conversations by making it easy to share sales assets, including technical details, case studies, competitor differentiation and return on investment (ROI) projections. 

With each of these tips, embrace the process of trial and error. As you develop expertise and share content, experiment with different content types and social channels to see what blend resonates best with your target audience

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): The initial discovery phase — once an important part of a salesperson’s job — is gone. Today’s salespeople provide value to buyers by sharing their expertise in solving a customer’s business problems. Take the time to develop this reputation for expertise in your target industry and buyers are sure to seek you out.

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