3 Tips To Ensure Your Content Reaches The Right Prospects

In today’s content-saturated world, it seems like people’s attention span is inversely proportional to the volume of content they receive. Getting hundreds of emails a day and scrolling through countless social media posts is the new normal for many people — including your prospects. 

When it comes to lead nurturing campaigns, it’s vital that your prospects pay attention to the content you create for them. But to get that content noticed and clicked on, you have to market it in a way that ensures it reaches the right prospects. 

Use these three tips to make sure your content gets read.

  1. Understand the role/persona of your target: The first step to getting your content consumed by the right people is to understand your core buyer personas. Make the content as specific and personal as possible. If you’re targeting CEOs, keep content brief and at a high level. If you’re targeting IT specialists, be detailed so you sound credible. This comes down to speaking the right “language” to your prospects. Use the right acronyms, hit the right buzzwords and be as technical as necessary to reach the right people. 

    The goal is to make the content appear as if it’s coming from a peer — someone who understands your target persona’s business better than anyone else could. 

  2. Curate an experience: When it comes to delivering content to your prospects, it’s best to curate content for them based on actions they’ve previously taken instead of letting them self-identify what type of content they want to receive. Doing this keeps people from feeling overloaded with choices to make.  You may recall a textbook-example study from Columbia University, wherein shoppers at a gourmet market were allowed to sample a selection of jams, and then given a discount coupon to purchase any jam they liked. Giving people too many options reduced their ability to make a decision on one jam to buy, the study revealed. (This New York Times article goes more in-depth on this study and analysis paralysis.) 

    Your content is like jam. When delivering it to your prospects, it’s best to leave the decision-making process out of their hands. Select highly relevant content that provides value to your prospects. Do the hard work of making choices for them. 

  3. Take advantage of all channels: When prospecting, remember that email isn’t the only game in town anymore. LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks provide avenues for you to distribute your content in front of the right eyeballs. 

    The type of prospect you’re looking to attract determines which channel you’re going to use. LinkedIn Groups, for example, is an excellent venue for targeting a specific set of professionals. New frontiers in social selling are emerging on Twitter in the form of lead-generation cards. These 140-character landing pages allow people who see your content on Twitter to download it without being redirected to another site. This sort of in-platform prospecting opportunity helps you grab the attention of people who wouldn’t otherwise break away from Twitter for a download. 

Prospecting isn’t easy. But don’t make it any harder than it needs to be by delivering the wrong content to the wrong people. Ensure your content resonates with your target buyer persona by making it relevant, hassle-free and readily available. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Speak the right language to your prospects. Your content has the greatest impact when people feel it’s coming from a peer or industry expert rather than a salesperson. Also, make sure you’re talking to prospects on all the platforms they use, and don’t be afraid to get a little creative with how you deliver your message. Always remember that successful prospecting is built upon remarkable content. 

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