3 Ways Collaboration Software Helps Sales Reps To Stop Wasting Time

Facebook, water cooler talk and personal phone calls aren’t the only things eating away at productive time for sales reps. Meetings, administrative tasks and collaboration efforts also choke down hours of moneymaking opportunities. 

It’s probably worse than you think.

A recent article in Business 2 Community shows that sales reps only spend 1.5 days a week on “effective selling.” It says the remaining 3.5 days are spent on meetings, administration, lead generation, travel, training and service calls. 

Now, let’s be honest; travel time is probably never going to go away. And salespeople still need to eat, make calls and service their existing clients. But what about meetings? While these are necessary to a degree, there needs to be a way to significantly reduce the amount of time sales reps spend on meetings. 

Fortunately, using collaboration software helps to eliminates some of the time-sucking challenges that sales reps face every day, freeing up precious moments to focus on more effective selling.

These technology solutions help salespeople become efficient by collaborating more organically. Here are three ways these tools allow sales reps to stop wasting so much time. 

  1. Use less email: Instead of starting an email chain for five people on your sales team and then waiting for everyone to chime in with their opinion, collaboration software allows you to create a post in one location and lets everyone make comments on that post. That way you don’t have to look back through the email chain to find out what Bob said three days ago. There’s also no more tracking down the latest version of the document you were trying to send around.

  2. Strike when the iron is hot: Studies show that the longer it takes for you to respond to a prospect, the less likely they are to convert. Even hours make a difference. This is why it’s critical to use technology to respond instantly. With real-time notifications, sellers respond to requests or comments the moment they happen without having to constantly monitor every single website.

  3. Automate prospecting and lead generation: The key is to focus on the right opportunities and not waste time on the wrong ones. Use technology to refine all research. Software allows salespeople to discover lots of prospects’ pain points quickly without having to waste time monitoring individuals.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): At the end of the day, salespeople certainly need to reduce the time they spend on non-money-making activities. Sure, you want to find the right balance, which varies by industry, but less is more. Using collaboration software empowers you to free yourself from time wasted on meetings and back-and-forth internal communication so that you’re able to focus more on selling. 

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