How to get prospects to answer your call

3 Ways to Get Your Prospects on the Phone

It’s no secret that the most effective way to move your sales process forward is to get your prospects on the phone. How exactly do you do that? Well, that’s a little more of a mystery.

Getting your prospects to answer your calls is a delicate balance of science and art. It’s important to be persistent, but you don’t want to come across as annoying. It can be beneficial to leave a voicemail, but you don’t want to leave one every single time. You want to call at the most convenient time, but you’re never really sure when that is.

To help you reach your prospects more often and with less manual work, here are three best best practices:

Increase your volume of calls and persistence

Basic math tells us that the more calls you make, the more often you will actually reach your prospect. However, you may also risk coming across as overly pushy or annoying.

To increase call volume, create a strategic, informed plan. Carve out dedicated times during the day that you’ll make your calls and define a list of customers you want to try and reach. Create a daily report of your calling efforts in Salesforce or Dynamics so you can track progress. This kind of plan helps you structure your day and ensures that you have dedicated time to focus on calls.

You can also leverage dialer software to save time and effort. You can quickly dial through your entire customer list with just one click or leave a pre-recorded voicemail so you can stay energized for the real conversation.  

Identify the best timing

How do you know when your call is most likely to resonate with your prospect? When you get someone on the phone, you only have one chance to land your message and gain their interest. You need to make sure your prospects are paying attention and are ready to some of their most important challenges related to your product or service.

While you’ll never truly know when a prospect is most likely to be interested, you can use additional insight to help identify the best time to call. With Tellwise, you can track emails, links, and attachments and get a real-time data feed of activity. This means you can see exactly when someone is reading your email or opening your attachment. This gives you the opportunity to call your prospects when you know they are engaged with your content.

Leverage analytics

You have no idea what your prospects are doing when you call; they may be driving home from work, running an errand, taking a nap, or doing a million other things that take their attention away from their phone.

People are most likely to answer their phones at certain times of the day, and you need to align your call blocks with these “golden times.” While it can be easy to identify when not to call your prospects, it’s a lot more challenging to figure out the best times.

Analytics platforms like Tellwise can track your call performance and call results. And over time, you get a statistical view of call activity that provides insight into when your calls are most successful. You’ll end up having a ton of customer and call data that can inform your call schedule and help you reach more prospects.

Getting Your Prospects to Answer Your Calls

These days, reaching someone on the phone requires a lot more effort than simply dialing their 10-digit number. You need to factor in time of day, distractions, what kind of voicemail to leave, and more. Luckily, with sales analytics platforms, you can gather powerful data to ultimately help you spend less time calling and more time actually talking to prospects.

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