3 Ways To Personalize Sales Assets For Prospects

Firing off impersonal content makes you forgettable. Nobody wants to puzzle over an overly-broad case study or spend their time reading a whitepaper that seems to have nothing to do with their business needs. That’s why sales reps need to tailor how they present sales assets, creating a relevant, personalized experience for each prospect. 

The first step is taking the time to understand your prospect. Do your research and listen up. Get to know your buyer, their pain points and where they are in the sales process. Once you have this basic information, you’re in a much better position to tailor your content. 

Investing time in personalization is the key to success in sales relationship building. Help your company stand out by using these three simple tips to personalize sales assets for your prospects. 

  1. Relevant materials: When you present new sales content to a potential buyer, its relevance should be crystal clear. The buyer shouldn’t have to guess how the material applies to them. If you’re using case studies, for example, make sure that the industries match. Don’t present a case study from a pharmaceutical customer to a prospect in the oil and gas industry. Prepare a range of sales assets ahead of time so you don’t get stuck with only one case study. 

  2. Personal introduction: The lead-in is important. Strive for a personal, warm introduction that provides context for the sales assets. Use your understanding of the prospect to target the lead as much as possible by, for instance, directing attention to a particularly relevant page in a document. 

  3. Show that you’re listening: When you show the buyer that you’re really listening to them, it provides added value. If an early step in your sales process included using a brief poll to gather feedback from the prospect, for example, now is the time to use that information to personalize the kind of sales assets you present in this later phase.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): The payoff of personalization is that you tend to get better results when you take the time to tailor your content. Prospects repay your investment by giving you what they consider a commensurate amount of time. Even so, you need to be patient. You might put in a lot of work to reach a prospect, and the results may not be immediate — it may take a week or two. Remember your overall game plan, and focus on increasing the probability of a response. Be patient and persevere! 

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