4 Social Selling Ideas For Building Credibility On LinkedIn

LinkedIn boasts more than 277 million users in 200-plus countries and territories around the world. As the greatest social site for professional networking on earth, it’s important for sales reps to build credibility with their prospects on this site. 

After all, the key to social selling success in any space depends on word-of-mouth recommendations. On LinkedIn, these recommendations come in the form of customers sharing content and mentioning your products.

This is more difficult than it seems. For one thing, earlier this month the network eliminated its product pages feature. Fortunately, the site still allows sales reps to use Company Pages to post real-time updates and share content. 

Regardless, building buzz and credibility on LinkedIn takes considerable effort. Here are four ways to improve your social selling efforts so that more customers mention your products or services.

  1. Become a thought leader: Produce valuable content on your company page and your LinkedIn feed on a regular basis. Ideally, this should happen every day. When prospects see you offering valuable advice, answering questions or discussing relevant news, they’re more likely to take your phone call. Establish yourself as an expert and customers are going to share your advice with their friends. 

  2. Share case studies: People love to read and share case studies, especially if the study is about them. Keep in mind that some businesses or individuals are hesitant to have something written about them. So when you reach out to companies to perform a case study that references them, showcase how it benefits their business. You, as the sales rep, get to be a thought leader, while they receive free exposure. That makes it a win-win for both parties.

  3. Gather information online for offline interactions: Use LinkedIn to research people, companies and industries before contacting them through any channel. You’ll discover what type of content they share and the kind of comments they’re making on public posts. Find out what they like and use that to your advantage. 

  4. Be patient: A prospect may be interested in your products or services, but the timing might not be right for them to become a customer. If that’s the case, continue to use LinkedIn to engage in nurturing communications.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Make your company page vibrant. Be willing to have conversations with people. Always address the needs of your customers and help them to be more effective at their jobs. It’s also a great idea to present the information in a way that makes it interesting and easily digestible. Education is the whole point of social selling; it’s how you establish credibility. 

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