4 Tips to Hit Your Sales Quota During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We all experience a little chaos during the holidays. Trying to plan time with family, holiday parties, shopping, and oh yeah, selling; things can quickly spiral out of control. It’s nearly impossible to keep your priorities straight, let alone be productive. On top of all the prospects you need to follow-up with, you need to figure out where your cousins are going to sleep next weekend. 

Here are four ways to stay productive and focused on your sales quota a midst all the holiday chaos.

Prioritize & Scale

Not all tasks are created equal. It’s time to prioritize and scale your growing to-do list mixed with work and home tasks. Don’t spend the limited time you have left in 2014 on non-core selling tasks as these can increase sales cycles nearly 25%, according Sirius Decisions. Focus on core selling activities by putting context to them. Not everything is priority or time-based though. Take into consideration energy-based and work/life-based context as well. Decide what’s urgent, but also what might take the most energy. “Check email” is low-energy but can easily turn into a time-suck. At the same time, trying to follow-up on every single open lead will burn you out faster than your in-laws. With 15% of clients make up 65% of sales, prioritize your top opportunities and put the rest on the back burner.  Finally, if there’s a task on your “work” to-do list that isn’t related to sales, eliminate it.  


Distractions seem to skyrocket this time of year with everyone wanting to share their fun and exciting holiday plans. You build up productive flow throughout the day, only to have to come screeching to a half because someone just wants to “stop by for a second.” It’s no surprise that 40% of people say they’d get more done if co-workers would quit stopping by to chat, based on a study by Fortune. If you have “that person” interrupting your sales calls, try telecommuting an extra day or two a week and get some actual work done.

Find a balance

Finding the perfect work-life balance is something we battle throughout the year. Yet we have weeks until the end of 2014 and we find ourselves working late, with no time to buy gifts for our family and friends. However, those gifts aren’t going to magically buy themselves. With over half of Americans online shopping during business hours, it’s inevitable. But trying to fit it between the meeting with your boss and following up with a top prospect isn’t going to work. The key isn’t to avoid it, just curtail it, or carve out a specific time, like during your lunch hour.


Only 50% of salespeople hit their year-end quota. And there’s a 100% chance you’ll miss it if you try to hit every holiday party while keeping a diet of mostly sugar and butter. Keep the post-work events to a minimum. On top of that, coming into work and staring at your computer screen for hours after SantaCon isn’t going to work either. You still need to respond to prospects or you’re going to miss out on closing some important deals. 50% of sales go to the first salesperson to contact the prospect, according to You need to be ready to engage with prospects wherever you are.

How about you?

How do you stay sane and productive during the holiday season?

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