4 Ways To Beat The Competition With Fresh IT Sales Strategies

Want to beat the competition in today’s fierce market? Look at how your sales force engages potential buyers. Old-school selling strategies won’t cut it anymore.

An article on the MSPmentor website outlines some good points on needed changes between IT sellers and IT buyers. The article highlights findings from a new report by Gartner, which surveyed more than 500 companies in North America, China and Europe about the interactions between providers and customers.

Gartner offers several recommendations for improving your customer’s buying experience, but we believe they could use some tweaking. Here’s what they say, along with our take:

  1. Shadow customers and prospects: Thanks to the Internet, your buyer has all the power and is armed with information. While that’s true, the article suggests addressing buyer activities across the various mediums. Seriously? It’s a good idea in theory, but just about impossible to execute. We can tell you that very few companies are going to allow you to shadow them for a day.
  2. Turn your salespeople into guides: People want to work with technical experts more than salespeople. More than 80 percent of people surveyed by Gartner said they valued interaction with a technical expert, and fewer than 40 percent held the same opinion of salespeople. Break free from the old-school way of selling! Don’t force a customer to make a buying decision. We believe sales reps today need to coordinate interactions between customers and other members of your team.
  3. Use sales presentations with already engaged customers: Survey respondents gave sales presentations thumbs down as influencing their buying decision. Guess what? Unless they’re already interested in your product, no presentation is going to influence them.
  4. Raise expectations to the level of buyers: Using technology, companies can find out what research buyers have done on their own and then add to it. In our opinion, sales is about helping people solve problems.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): In addition to the more behavioral changes Gartner is suggesting sellers do, we would add that technology selling requires the use of smart technology to enable sellers to reach their prospects better. There are a number of new technologies out there that do exactly that, so don’t forget to consider today’s technology solutions when implementing process changes. By making just a few changes, we believe that IT sellers can better engage buyers and gain a competitive edge in today’s market.

Source: MSPmentor, September 2013

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