4 Ways To Improve Communication With Your Business Partners

Partner relationships, compared to customer relationships, are inherently more complicated and worthy of investing in to get right. These multi-dimensional partnerships require you to be robust in terms of how you communicate and establish a system of good faith that works in both directions. 

While you certainly want to have a deep relationship with your customers, partner relationships are on another level. They’re much more of a symbiotic relationship wherein you both either sink or swim. 

Use these four communications tips to stay afloat and keep your partner relationships healthy. 

  1. Be responsive: Compared to customer relationships, partner relationships have a bit more leeway in terms of how frequently you communicate. You might go several weeks without any correspondence with your business partners. But when communication needs to happen, be responsive. Just because you haven’t heard from a partner in a month doesn’t mean it’s OK to wait a long time to reply. Remember, your partners are integral to your business, so answer inquiries in a professional and timely manner. 

  2. Allow open access: In the same vein as being responsive, you should also provide your partners with access to the information they need. When you allow open access, your channel managers are able to stay “front of mind” with partners, which is healthy for your business relationship in general. This demand for easy access is a two-way street. If you need information from your partners, they should give you the access you need as well. 

  3. Embrace the phone: When it comes to maintaining partner relationships, email alone does not do the trick. Nothing beats a phone call, especially if there’s a problem or a hard conversation that needs to happen. There’s no better way of jumping right into something than picking up the phone and getting it done.  

  4. Keep it off Facebook: In the case of partners, stick to the more traditional methods of communicating. While you want to stay “front of mind” with your partners, you don’t need to do this via Facebook status updates or retweeting their posts. Save your social media engagement efforts for customer relationships. 

The health of any relationship rests on good communication, and with partner relationships it’s essential that you communicate in a timely manner. These relationships are like a marriage; you both have to give something in exchange for it to work. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Think of your partner relationships like you would a marriage. Communicating with your partners is absolutely essential for the health of the relationship. Moreover, good communication between business partners trickles down to customer relationships. The better your internal business functions, the better customer experience you create. 

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