5 Great Ideas For Improving Your Sales Strategy

Being successful in sales requires deliberate, thoughtful actions that are initiated over and over again. Selling here and there doesn’t work, nor does picking up the phone or sending emails only when you feel like it.

For an organization to be successful in sales it must implement a remarkable sales strategy that’s measurable and delivers true value. Here are five great tips to create a winning plan. 

  1. Write it down: It’s shocking the number of sellers that don’t have a strategy. They shoot from the hip. They’re random. As a result, their execution isn’t that great. They’re not learning. They’re not adapting. Step one is obvious — you need to make a plan. 

  2. Make it measurable: The old management rule “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” is true for sales strategies. If you don’t have a baseline to measure what you’re doing, you’re never going to get any better. There must be a feedback loop. Is it working or not working? Why or why not? You need to know the answer. 

  3. Determine your channels: How are you going to contact people? Are you planning to use cold calls and emails, or are you expecting to focus on social selling? Expanding your options here is critical. Many people communicate in different ways. Some people never text; others refuse to answer voice calls. 

  4. Focus on user adoption: You might have the best sales strategy in the world as a leader, but if your salespeople aren’t executing it, it’s worthless. The key to user adoption is making it clear what’s in it for them. Tell your team that by following the strategy they’ll learn more about what does and doesn’t work, giving them an opportunity to be more effective, which means more money. Try something like this: “The reason we’re using this strategy is so that you’ll be better at selling our products, and if you do this, you’ll make more money.” Always reward people for executing. If using the strategy is part of their compensation plan, they’ll be more willing to embrace it. 

  5. Be flexible: As your market changes your sales strategy needs to change with it. You always have to be thinking a step ahead. Some products might no longer be relevant to your target audience. Making sure your strategy has a future focus to it.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Some organizations attempt and change their sales strategy with the wind, trying desperately to figure out what works. It’s easy to get “bright-shiny syndrome” with these plans, bouncing around from idea to idea. But they rarely lead you down the right path. Execution and consistency are the true keys to success in sales. 

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