5 Simple Steps To Streamline Your Prospect Onboarding

Prospect onboarding challenges plague sales organizations everywhere. Processing vast amounts of data can be time-consuming, error-prone and — after all that hard work — often fruitless in creating sales opportunities.

It used to be that automating these prospect onboarding procedures was quite difficult, time-consuming and expensive because it often required substantial IT support. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

We believe the key to streamlining prospect onboarding — the start of the ongoing sales conversation with a new prospect — without breaking the bank is by offering personalized content and then employing the right cloud-based technology to support it. Using all-inclusive subscription software eliminates the need for additional IT, hardware or programming.

Here are five simple ways that cloud-based technology helps to streamline your prospect onboarding and content-creation efforts.

  1. When producing content, always consider each phase of the buyer’s cycle, including the onboarding process: By thinking about the specific phases that customers go through as they onboard, sales companies can produce different content to help them through the cycle. If a customer is entering the trial phase, for example, or has been in trial for several weeks, you’ll want to send them specific assets for those phases. These people have different needs and different problems that your content can help them solve.
  2. Rely on quality decision-makers: Sometimes the prospect onboarding process can transfer from a business decision-maker to a technical person, such as a subject matter expert (SME). This means ensuring that your sales asset writers are engaging with the right SME is critical to success. Remember, the audience will change over time, so having quality decision-makers to guide this process will be increasingly important to ensure that you’re providing the right content to the right people.
  3. Use videos: Videos are clearly showing to be the most popular content with what we jokingly call an “ADD audience.” No one — including us — has the time or attention span to read on and on, so content must get right to the point. This is why sales assets that educate people in the onboarding process using a 2-minute video will be more successful than using a 22-page white paper. While it’s not often practical for salespeople to produce videos, technology is making the process easier.
  4. Find software that allows you to interact with prospects: Great cloud-based software will be more than a broadcast platform; it will be interactive, allowing customers in the onboarding process to ask questions or have a dialog.
  5. Correctly package and deliver the tailored sales assets: Companies need to embrace a customized delivery approach. Sure, it’s fine to create standard content, but be sure to package the content in such a way that it feels personalized. At the very least, include the prospect’s name at the top of the email. If you’re sharing with a prospect in the financial services industry, for instance, make it clear that you are also in the financial services industry. This boosts engagement dramatically.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Prospect onboarding can be a true test of the quality of a sales organization. Don’t let this process bog down your resources. Use cloud-based technology to improve your prospect onboarding and get better content, more engagement and improved results across the board.

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