5 Social Selling Tips For Building Your Brand On Twitter

In the age of self-educating buyers, it’s critical that sales reps create and build authority online. They need a brand and they need to be easily found on a Google search.

One of the fastest and very best ways to embrace social selling is to maintain an active presence on Twitter. The micro-blogging site requires a minimal — yet consistent — time commitment from you.

So, how do sales reps make the most of Twitter? Is it necessary to create and share hundreds of snappy sayings all day long? No, not at all!

The first phase for building your brand on Twitter has absolutely nothing to do with posting! It’s about educating yourself and making yourself better with the content you find on the network. The second phase is sharing that content back to your followers, providing some additional thoughts of your own.

With that in mind, here are several social selling tips for building your brand on Twitter.

  1. Follow worthwhile people: The first thing you should do is figure out whom the most relevant people in your industry are and then follow them. Who are the thought leaders in your space? Who are your competitors? Spend time to find and follow the most relevant set of active users on the network. 

  2. Share other people’s stuff: Once you’re following a bunch of cool people, start sharing their content. On Twitter, this process is called “retweeting.” This is the real beauty of Twitter; what you share doesn’t have to be original. Start each day by finding the most interesting piece of content and retweet it.

  3. Add your own twist by explaining why you’re re-tweeting: It might seem strange that sharing other people’s stuff builds your credibility online. However, it’s possible to put your spin on their content simply by telling your followers why you’re sharing it.  For instance, “I read this article and I think the author gets it all wrong.” This effort is simple, it’s fast and it allows you to share your take on the content. 

  4. Find and share trending content: If a topic, story or trend is popular on a given day or month, chances are your buyers are searching for related information. Get comfortable re-tweeting items that are in the news. 

  5. Don’t sweat the positioning, but do consider it: Obviously, some sales reps are really good at B2B sales, others specialize in selling tech solutions and many are retail-centric. However, getting super specific about whom you follow and what you repost doesn’t have to be too complicated. Sure, keep your dimensions in mind. If you’re into B2B sales, lean more that way. The more specific you are, the more useful you are in terms of standing out with the content. In other words, specialization is important. However, don’t fret about this. If you find it interesting, the people you’re targeting are likely to find it interesting, too.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): It’s difficult for salespeople to commit to Twitter as the return on time investment is often hard to quantify. This is why the simple steps like retweeting are important to keep in mind because they’re so easy. Remember, the value of Twitter isn’t always in what you tweet. Sometimes, the value comes via learning from influential people and competitors who are sharing their stuff on Twitter. 

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