5 Ways Social Selling Makes Relationship Building Repeatable

Word-of-mouth referrals have always been and continue to be one of the best ways to find new customers. And building relationships is the key to … well, basically everything in sales, including referrals and social selling efforts.

But relationships, even the ones online, take so much time to build! To do it right, sales reps need to invest hours into their clients by listening to their needs, showing they care and earning their trust. Unfortunately, one of the things that salespeople lack most is time

That’s why making relationship building a repeatable sales process is such a great idea. Think about it this way: You’d never in a million years craft a completely new follow-up message for every single prospect you encounter. It just doesn’t make any sense to waste time crafting an email from scratch when most people need to hear essentially the same message, give or take a few words.

By making relationship building repeatable — just as you would an email — you save time and extend your reach. 

While there isn’t a form email for building a relationship, automating parts of this process uses the same concept: Figure out how to sell to your target buyer, repeat it and scale the process. It’s an equation. Relationship building might not be as simple as 1+1= 2, but you should do a little bit of social selling every day to move the process along.

Here are five tips for using social selling to make relationship building a repeatable process.

  1. Reach out: Schedule regular times to reach out to your followers, contacts and “friends” with a piece of communication that’s interesting to them. For the most part, you only need to find one piece of content that all (or at least most) of your prospects find interesting, and then share it with them. 

  2. Get personalized: It’s not about what you share; it’s about how you share it. While you only need to find one piece of content, it’s more effective to personalize the delivery. For example, rather than posting a link to your blog, send the link in an email to ONE prospect at a time: “Hi Bob, I found this and thought you might also think it’s interesting.” 

  3. Acknowledge significant events in your prospects’ lives: When their work anniversary comes up, reach out to them. Look for any milestone where it makes sense to contact them, including notable achievements. Even better, publicly recognize them.

  4. Respond: If your prospects post something interesting, respond to it in some way. Re-tweet it, “like” it or share it. This fourth suggestion is harder to scale than the previous three; however, it’s still a good idea to craft a list of events or achievements that you respond to on a frequent basis. 

  5. Sales managers should provide latitude: When it comes to using social selling to scale and reproduce your relationship building, each sales rep needs to have the freedom to build their relationships with prospects and customers in their own unique way. Offer your reps ideas to get started and allow them to customize this nurturing activity the same way they’d customize a sales pitch.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Relationship building needs to involve a little bit of social selling every single day if you’re going to scale the process. Use these tools to reach out, personalize communication, acknowledge your prospects’ significant events or achievements and respond to their posts. 

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