5 Ways To Optimize Your Sales Assets With Compelling Headlines

Sales professionals understand the power of first impressions and know that creating a good impression takes much more than just a firm handshake. Similarly, your emails and sales assets must also make compelling first impressions to stand out from a constant deluge of information. That’s why today’s sales reps need good writing skills and effective headlines.

For some, “the perfect headline” is part secret science, part magical formula. The more practical-minded, however, should focus on learning skills to help them write headlines that are more effective. These five strategies should get you started on the right path.

  1. Simple and direct: Instead of trying to make a joke or an emotional appeal, get right to the point. This approach “works particularly well with strong offers, recognized brand names and product or service types with which the reader is familiar,” according to “How to Write Magnetic Headlines,” an eBook available from Copyblogger.

  2. Emphasize the main benefit: Review each of your sales assets for the main benefit they promise to potential customers and transform that selling point into your headline. An advantage of this approach is that it prepares your audience to respond to your core message. 

  3. Ask questions: Knowing the pain points and unresolved problems your target clients face is a powerful strategy, allowing you to offer solutions they truly need. Use the headline to ask questions that remind prospects of these problems and pains, hinting at solutions within.
  4. Offer a “how-to”: When done correctly, a how-to headline exerts a strong attraction. “The secret here is to focus on a need or want and promise to fulfill that need or want,” the Copyblogger e-book explains. Avoid alienating your prospects with bait-and-switch headlines that make promises you’re unable to fulfill. 

  5. Useful lists: Your readers face a constant flood of information, most of which is irrelevant or poorly organized. Make your headline stand out by promising a concrete number of targeted, bite-sized tips (the headline used for this blog post is an example of this approach). 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): An enticing headline catches the attention of prospective buyers and persuades them to read further. A poor headline, on the other hand, may inadvertently signal prospects to keep moving, if it manages to attract any attention at all. If you’re already putting effort into creating sales assets that target customer pains and address their needs, spending an extra 10 minutes to craft a compelling headline is an excellent investment. 

Learn more about how to catch the attention of prospective buyers with the help of the Tellwise experience.

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