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6 Ways To Tackle Cold Calling With Confidence

Cold calling — it’s something that so many small-to-midsize companies struggle with. Just saying the words is enough to make some people cringe. And yet, it’s a task that must be completed, and it can be done without too much pain. shared a great article about the prep work that’s required to make cold calling more successful. The article offers several tips to help reps “push through rejection to drum up new business.”

  1. See rejection differently: Rather than taking rejection personally, consider the possible opportunities for a sale to that company at a later time. Always ask the person on the phone to consider keeping your contact information in case circumstances at the company change.
  2. Turn off distractions: Yes, you’re on hold for long periods of time. And yes, double-tasking by answering emails and texts during those times seems efficient. The problem with all this is that it prohibits you from getting into a zone.
  3. Ask more questions about the people you’re calling: Before picking up the phone, research the person’s job title, length of time at the company and customers; industry trends; and how your product will help the person specifically.
  4. Use additional contacts to gather information about the decision-maker: Before making the cold call, contact the people who work in customer service to learn more about the company and the person you’re trying to sell to.
  5. Use a script: Avoid fumbling through the conversation or sounding stupid on a voicemail message; plan a few words that you’ll say. You can deliver the script naturally so it doesn’t sound planned if you practice.
  6. Embrace the right technology: Using the right technology is critical to the process and drumming up new business. These tools MUST be designed for sales and not for marketing. Marketing tools, while great, simply don’t work for salespeople. For starters, such tools require a significant time investment on the front end; several hours if you’re lucky, but usually days or weeks. There’s not a single salesperson with the time for that. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): The tips above are good. We would encourage you to go one step further and don’t just think about cold calling as the one activity you must do to reach a potential prospect. Think more integrated and try to reach prospects through a set of different channels. Prospects have their communication and collaboration preferences these days and they will respond in the way they prefer it. In addition to calls, you should use email, social or innovative prospecting platforms which enable multichannel collaboration. Altogether you should have an integrated multichannel plan to reach your specific prospects, otherwise you are missing a prospect just because they might have a different communication style or channel preference.

Source:, January 2011

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