6 Ways To Use Sales Assets To ‘Warm Up’ Your Cold Calling

Most salespeople absolutely detest cold calling. It’s difficult and simply no fun to get rejected time after time after time.

That’s why the key to selling and closing deals is actually getting in front of the customer. The problem is that it’s so challenging to get to that point. 

We have the Internet to thank for this. Armed with Google and social tools, most prospects have done their research about what they need. They’re already 70 percent or more through the sales cycle by the time they reach out to a salesperson. 

Unfortunately, this means to actually get more sales in this environment, you do need to invest time and effort in the cold side of the sales funnel. Salespeople really do have to figure out how to “warm up” the cold call or they simply won’t be able to remain competitive. In other words, you have to be “cool” about these few seconds that you have to make an impression.

Don’t worry; we have a solution. 

If sales reps personalize the sales experience by tailoring calls, emails and sales assets that they send to prospects, they’re more likely to solve their potential customers’ pain points and help them achieve business goals. Here are several ways to personalize your communication, which is going to make your cold efforts more successful. 

  1. Make the email more unique than the others in their inbox: Potential buyers get tons of emails. You need to send them something different – not the same old thing. Personalize content by speaking to their specific pains and goals. It’s also a good idea to reach out to them through a new social channel or using a new technology.

  2. Be useful: Some email is differentiated but not useful. You don’t want to get into the habit of just sending buyers the same generic content that may or may not speak to their particular pains or goals. You have to make sure the content is targeted to what they need and that it offers them the information they require to solve their problems. It can’t just be content for content’s sake. 

  3. Pretend you’re doing a marketing campaign: Sales reps have to be able to identify their own prospects as well as have the sales assets and technology solutions to reach these prospects. You can’t always rely on marketing to do this for you. You need to be able to generate your own leads.

  4. Research using social: Use Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to research prospects and learn about them and their needs. Then use this information to better tailor your cold call.

  5. Use a tailored platform for the content: Cloud-based technology solutions help sales reps to create a personalized platform with videos, blogs and whitepapers that address the specific needs of your prospects. Instead of just sending an email that’s going to get lost in the hundreds of emails they receive every day, use a different platform to reach them.

  6. Emphasize the packaging: Create clean and clear messaging and use technology solutions to convey your messages. Set yourself apart and get more attention by using content and technology to stand out from the email crowd.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Cold calling is a fact of life. And, no, it’s not something that most people get excited about. But you have to do it right to be successful in today’s sales environment. The key to success is to “warm up” with personalized sales assets.

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