7 Ways to Make Your Email Stand Out This Holiday Season

People are busier than ever during the holiday season. Your prospects and customers are no exception. In a season filled with shopping, socializing and stress, it may seem impossible to get your message heard by your prospects, let alone get a response. However, a well-timed, personal message or simple, yet compelling, holiday themed email can stand out in the flurry of other holiday emails.

Here are 7 ideas to keep in mind when emailing your prospects and customers this holiday season and avoid becoming the email Grinch.

Change can kill

There’s an expectation that the number of emails your prospects receive between Thanksgiving and Christmas will substantially increase. In fact, over 25% of all emails are sent during the holidays, according to Marketing Profs. It may be tempting to up your frequency or to try something new in order to stay top of mind. Don’t do it. Changing your frequency from emailing once a month to three times a week will generate unfavorable results and can kill your chances of getting your message across. And attempting something new will most likely result in unnecessary mistakes.

Make a list. Check it twice.

It may also be tempting to purchase a list or try and gather additional prospects to email from various third-party sources. It’s the season of giving after all, right? That doesn’t necessarily apply to your emails. Stick to your list of prospects and customers you know. It will make it much easier to craft a meaningful message.

Make it personal

Nearly half of marketers will launch a holiday email marketing campaign before Halloween, according to Experian. So you’re more than likely competing with them for inbox space. The one thing to take advantage of is making it personal. No, not in that way. Humanize yourself. There is a person on the other end after all. This should already be one of your strategies throughout the year, but especially during the holidays. You have two choices – your email can either be like the generic pair of socks you get from your grandmother, or it can be a pair of concert tickets to your favorite band. Point is, make an extra effort to be genuine and personable.

Say Thank You

Your customers are the foundation of your business. Send them a simple and honest thank you email. It doesn’t need to be fancy, and it better not include any sort of product pitch. Telling them how much their business means to you reminds your customers why they continue to do business with you, besides your product. Make it thoughtful. Make it genuine. It’s that simple.

Give a gift

It may be obvious to send a gift to the customer who spent the most money or signed the biggest contract. Don’t ignore them. But don’t ignore the smaller contributors either. If you’ve had a successful year, allow them to share that success. Instead of sending everyone a $10 Starbucks gift card, offer to make a small donation to the charity of their choice and include a link in your email. Or give them a virtual gift they can “open” digitally. And no, your latest e-book doesn’t count. Try an actual book they can put on their Kindle. Or, give them a subscription to Netflix so they can enjoy a few movies this holiday season.

Look ahead

As nice as it is to give a gift and to say thank you, chances are the salesperson next door is doing the same thing. One-up them with a useful tip or insight into the upcoming year. What did you learn this past year? What’s the best piece of advice you received? Pass that along. Sometimes there’s nothing better. You could even provide a sneak peek at a new product feature. Just make sure it’s relevant and useful. 

Have fun

Most importantly, have fun. Nothing says a Grinch more than someone who takes the holidays way too seriously. Add a little humor and keep the language casual. Remove some stress from their holidays and you’re sure to make an impact that will give you a little gift in return. Customer loyalty.

What are you doing to get and keep your prospects’ attention during this holiday season?

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