A Memo To Aspiring Sellers From A Beleaguered Buyer

To:      Aspiring Sellers
From:  Beleaguered Buyer
Date:   Today

Re:      It’s not you…it’s me

I’m left with only sweet memories of your generous lunches, gifts and golf outings. Besides corporate policies that prohibit me from accepting anything, I’m busier than ever. I’m busy in back-to-back mind-numbing meetings. I’m busy trying to build internal consensus on business decisions for solutions like yours. I’m so busy that I’m left with precious little time to play goalie on my email and voicemail inboxes, so I generally revert to mass delete. Sorry.

I appreciate that you need to record activity in your customer relationship management system but I’m left wondering if we can improve our actual relationship by changing a few things. I definitely think we can be more efficient and save money but more importantly save time for both of us. Here are some suggestions from my perspective.

  1. I need to collaborate: The decision for your solution is made by me and several colleagues. My colleagues face similar challenges with need for information that has been customized to their needs, both personally (how is your solution relevant to success of professionals in similar roles) and professionally (how does your solution help our company achieve our business objectives). How can you help us reach consensus more easily? Email alone is not doing it for anyone. 

  2. I prefer customization: Can you communicate and share information that continuously gets closer to serving our specific needs based on what captures our interest? Try to understand our specific business challenges and tailor our experience around those as much as possible. I care about what my peers are doing and what can be learned from them.

  3. I’m mobile: I consume a lot of information via my smart device. Anything that doesn’t look great on my mobile (phone and tablet) or includes a lot of attachments and hyperlinks is subject to a quick delete or, worse yet, the fate of a neglected email that sinks lower into my the depths of my inbox. The way I use these devices is different than how I use my PC, so can you create a tailored experience for these devices?

  4. Shiny objects can catch my eye: A great-looking, tailored collaboration experience that allows me to self-serve stands out like a beacon in the night. Can you provide something that breaks the monotony of too many generic statements or links to case studies and white papers that are for other industries? Yes, I know I have the attention span of a fruit fly, but see the problem at the top of the memo.

I think finding ways for us to collaborate more efficiently helps both of us and gets you to a “win” faster, which is better than another day of “called, left voicemail” and “email sent.”

All the best,
Your Buyer

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