A Powerful Motivating Force for Sellers

Original post from Anthony Iannarino:

On Abusing Fear:
Fear is perhaps the most powerful motivating force available to marketers and salespeople.
So many people suffer from a dormant form of dissatisfaction that fear is sometimes what is necessary to wake them up to the real dangers they face. You need to shake them out of their comfort zone.
But fear isn’t something that should be used carelessly or thoughtlessly. It should never be used in a way that destroys trust.
How do you develop the issues, challenges, and trends that compel clients to act?

If you’re going to use fear in your prospecting strategy, it needs to be because you can provide the solution to their fear.

Fabricating a lie to scare your prospects doesn’t work. Usually, it backfires on you as your prospect then runs for the hills.

If you want to acquire new, long-term customers, you should use fear as a selling point sparingly. It’s supposed to help bring your prospects closer to you…not farther.

Have you had success using fear as a selling tactic? Tell us how!

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