Are You Creating An Exciting Digital Experience?

As a salesperson, you need to create the perfect moment where “logic and emotion meet.” This can be accomplished either in person or online, which is super important given that 90 percent of all sales interactions are screen-based.

The Center for Sales Strategy recently shared a great article describing this perfect moment.

“Logic may have brought you to the purchase point, but good questions and the simple art of making buying fun rather than stressful are important tipping points,” the article notes.

Oftentimes, this moment is where sales assets come into play. They need to be presented at the exact right time for the customer to satisfy their logical needs while having an emotional experience.

Here’s the problem: Most sales assets are pretty boring. But they don’t have to be! Why not present them in a more Instagram-type environment to make the experience a real delight? It’s easier than ever with new sales platforms that use technologies to make all kinds of assets mobile ready and render them beautifully.

To spice up your assets, The Center for Sales Strategy suggests asking your clients about their buying process. Inquire about impulse buys, why they buy now instead of later, the extent of their research and how many competitors they compare with.

“Make it part of your sales strategy to understand why people buy, starting with yourself,” the article suggests.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): We can’t stress this enough: No one likes boring sales content. Customers don’t just want to read your whitepaper. They also want to have a great experience consuming your sales assets. So stop boring your customers and make the digital experience an exciting one!

Source: Center for Sales Strategy, October 2013

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