Are You Just Selling Or Are You Problem-Solving?

If you’re just selling products and services, good luck with that. The key to true success is selling efficiencies, savings and solutions to problems. For goodness’ sake, don’t just sell things; solve their problems!

Buyers want you to solve their problems or make their companies more efficient with the service, equipment, product or tool they are purchasing from you. This is why as a seller you absolutely must always address the buyer’s pain point.

Partners in Excellence recently posted a concise summary showing how solution selling really works.

“In reality, the customer is never buying what we make and ship,” according to the article. “That may be what they pay for, but it’s not what they are buying.”

To be successful, the article explains, sellers must arm themselves with “knowledge, skills, capabilities to understand what our customers are buying and an ability to demonstrate that what we sell is aligned with what they want to buy.” In other words, the article notes, you’ll only be successful in sales if you’re selling what people want to buy.

What we really like about this advice is that it offers more than just highlighting the need to be persona or role specific. Remember, as a seller, you need to understand the specific situational context that a prospect is in. Make your pitch specific to the buyer’s unique situation — and you usually never find that in a product or service brochure. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): At the end of the day, it’s critical that you remember that buyers are not interested in the new, cool features you have — unless they directly address their problem. You need to get to the core of what they want to solve versus just pushing a product or service.

Source: Partners in Excellence, October 2013

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