Are You Leveraging Your Social Media Networks For Lead Nurturing?

To explain the importance of lead nurturing would be like preaching to the choir. But what if we told you that you’re missing a vital aspect of lead nurturing that could be costing you significant sales

Social media networks like LinkedIn offer powerful opportunities to make connections with your leads. But for whatever reason, many salespeople haven’t routinely incorporated social media into their sales best practices. 

A blog post from Sales Benchmark Index shares a powerful example: 

“An Enterprise IT company was recently involved in a major tender. Many top execs were involved in closing the deal. Pencils were sharpened, strategies and tactics closely evaluated. The final proposal was submitted and the deal was lost. 

After the fact, the CEO learns of the deal and checks his LinkedIn network. He discovers a connection to the CEO of the prospect company. Unfortunately, the team didn’t bother to cull through their connections to see where they might leverage influence. The CEO likely could have reached out peer-to-peer and garnered insight and guidance. This type of interaction could have potentially influenced the decision.”

As the author noted, the sales team’s inability to embrace social media and incorporate this routine into their sales best practices may have cost them the sale. 

Maximize your sales potential and make use of all of the channels at your disposal. It’s easy to become habitual with your process of phone calls and emails. But missing the opportunity to cultivate a relationship because you didn’t spend five minutes researching on LinkedIn is indefensible. 

Think about the returns on such a minimal investment of your time

  • Get introduced by a mutual contact: Leverage your network to its fullest advantage and ask a mutual contact to bridge the gap between you and your lead. The warmer your lead, the more effective and efficient your prospecting and selling efforts are going to be.
  • Gain valuable intelligence to sell smarter: Take advantage of the knowledge social media networks provide you. Nuggets of information about your prospects allow you to be more in tune with their pains and discover what’s most important to them, such as “green” initiatives. The more you speak to what matters to them most, the better you’re able to grab their attention and stand out from the crowd. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Harness the power of social media to be more tactical and effective with your lead nurturing efforts. Search for connections between you and your leads. LinkedIn essentially serves these up on a platter. Use your networking skills to get introduced and create warmer leads. Research the people in the organization you’re selling to. Learn more about your leads to be more strategic. The more strategic you are, the more successful you’ll be. 

Learn more about how to embrace social selling using the Tellwise experience.

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