Are You On Board The Social Selling Train?

So we all know that harnessing the power of social networking can unlock some pretty remarkable selling opportunities. After all, there are more than a billion people active on Facebook alone, each of them dishing out their preferences, making recommendations to friends and sharing ideas for success.

But how do you actually sell to them? What does social selling actually look like? Research suggests not many companies actually know the answer to this.

A recent survey by Sales Management Association found that two-thirds of companies have no social media strategy for their sales organizations. This is despite the fact that 80 percent of these companies believe their sales force would be more productive with a greater social media presence.

For these companies, Business 2 Community recently shared an article referencing the above survey results and also offered a good set of recommendations for managers who are responsible for driving larger change efforts — including social selling efforts — across the organization.

The article suggests obtaining management support, having a forward-thinking attitude, using curated content, shifting to one-to-one communication, providing ongoing training, and maintaining perfect harmony between sales and marketing departments.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): The social selling train has left the station and if you don’t jump on it, you will be left behind. Individual sellers shouldn’t wait until their company starts adopting an official plan! Take the initiative to get active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and other social channels. It’s important that you avoid being random about your activities. Make them specific to customers or prospects — understand which social channels they are active on and engage with them there.

Source: Business 2 Community, October 2013

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