Are You Spending Only 10 Percent Of Your Available Time Selling?

How much of your available time is actually spent on selling? When you break down the average salesperson’s day, you discover that number is shockingly low. 

If you’re like most sellers, you only spend about 20 percent of your time actively engaging prospects and leads, and just 10 percent of that time is dedicated to actively selling, according an Augusoft sales presentation. 

About one-third of a seller’s time is devoted to administrative tasks like updating CRM systems and finding content. Other tasks not directly tied to communicating with customers take up another 49 percent of a seller’s time.  

This model clearly isn’t as effective as it could be. Take a step back and assess how you spend your day. Do you waste a lot of time writing emails and taking personal phone calls? According to the Augusoft research, 17 percent of a seller’s day is spent doing just that. In an eight-hour workday, that amounts to nearly 90 minutes — time you could be spending with customers. 

Ask yourself: Do you really need to be emailing your friends and checking your personal Facebook account during the workday? To increase sales, you must maximize the time you spend communicating with customers and producing quality content for them.  

You need to do more than just track every minute of your workday. The key is to be intensely aware of how you’re spending time and minimize any activities not directly related to selling. 

Good prospecting software is equipped to help sales reps do this by organizing and prioritizing the day. It even reminds you which leads are “hot” and should be prioritized when doing follow-up work. Prospecting software also provides you with a set of research tools designed to help you provide prospects with valuable information they need when you’re engaging them. 

Stop wasting time and start selling more! Analyze how you spend your days and find areas where you could leverage your time better. After all, wouldn’t you rather spend more of your time selling? 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): The Augusoft research reports that sales reps spend a whopping 80 percent of their time not engaging prospects, customers or leads. While it’s not necessary to track how you spend each minute of every workday, you should always focus on your customers first. If most of your time isn’t focused on communicating with customers, you have plenty of room for improvement. 

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