Are your reps guilty of this costly mistake?

Nancy Nardin, for Top Sales World:

It wasn’t so much the content of her message—though there is much to criticize there — it was the fact that she called me at all. I have no use for high-end enterprise solutions. My company has less than 10 people. For her to call me was a complete waste of her time and mine.

I suspect that reps were handed a list of people from Dreamforce and told to follow-up.

Sift through your leads before you start calling.

I don’t believe in the call first—ask questions later approach. If you ask your reps to call each lead without first knowing its suitability, you are hampering productivity and revenue growth.

Terrific analogy. It probably takes more time to pick up the phone and leave a voicemail than it does to pre-qualify (sift) through each lead. You don’t need to call every single one.

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