Are Your Sales Assets Supporting Your Brand?

Your brand is a powerful and cultivated influence on your prospects – your sales assets must be consistent with it to sell.

Whenever you craft an email, post a tweet or provide any type of content to your prospects, always ask: Is this content supporting my brand? If you don’t know the answer, it’s likely the answer is no.

How do you know if your sales assets are enhancing your brand and what should you do to ensure that?

Before answering the question directly, it’s important to convey the relationship between your content and your organization’s image. A brand is the essence of everything you communicate. When you craft an email or engage in sales conversations, you shouldn’t connect with prospects in an arbitrary tone or voice. Just as you thoroughly prepare for a sales presentation, you also should strategize how to deliver your message in the most influential way possible. Your brand is the key element of what you must communicate to your prospects.

Take Nike, for example. What would you think if you received an email from Nike that featured earthy colors? It would definitely throw you off, right? You’re used to the design that typifies Nike’s brand – lots of bright colors and a very “energetic” look. From a text perspective, it would confuse you if the email were written in a boring tone. That’s not Nike’s brand; that’s not what the company represents. Nike speaks in an extremely energetic and active tone. Your brand has its own unique characteristics that your prospects and customers come to expect, too.

So, once again, how do you know if your sales assets are enhancing your brand and what should you do to make sure that happens?

Make sure your message is consistent with the rest of the content your prospects touch. How does your email look? Are the tone and style of the text consistent with your other assets? Your company’s website is one of your greatest resources. Are the best elements on the site reflected in your email? Is the color scheme the same? Does your imagery follow the look of the imagery on the site?

Mimicking your website is a surefire way to guarantee that your assets are consistent with your brand. You never want to be random. If you’re strategic with your assets, you ensure that you’re supporting your organization’s brand. If you’re supporting your brand, you’re poised for greater success.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): With every piece of content you create, always ask yourself: Is this asset supporting my organization’s brand? Make sure your messaging is consistent with your website and other sales assets in both its design and content elements. Referencing these resources is a foolproof method to creating an asset that supports your brand and helps you be more successful.

To learn more about creating great sales assets, check out the Tellwise Tipsheet.

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