Are Your Systems Communicating? Learn Why Integration Matters

Are you looking to integrate your CRM system with third-party tools and other technologies? If so, you might be wondering whether a streamlined approach to information is really that important. 

The answer is simple — yes! System integration is absolutely critical for sales organizations to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive landscape. Let’s explore why. 

For starters, many sales executives want to know how many sales opportunities are possible in their organization at any given time. They’re familiar with using a CRM system to monitor this potential pipeline. That requires no integration between systems. However, if you want to generate an aggregate picture of prospects from all of the data sources in your company, you need integration between the CRM system and third-party applications. 

To maximize productivity, all of your key information should reside in one place or one system, or else you’re not being efficient. Rather than entering necessary data repeatedly in several locations, integrated systems allow information to flow seamlessly (and without errors) from system to system. Remember, accessibility always improves the usefulness of data. 

When your systems are integrated, it’s possible to monitor and understand typical deal flow. How many customer contacts are required to reach a potential buyer? What are the customer milestones across these contacts? What’s the velocity of moving from one phase of the deal to another, and what should the organization do to improve this speed? Why is it taking so long to go from trial to conversion or from demo to trial? Those are the types of milestones and communication patterns you’re able to understand with integration.

Integrated systems also allow sales organizations to test hypotheses. Say, for example, your current sales strategy requires an average of a dozen touches to reach a prospect. Integration with third-party applications helps sales teams figure out how to reduce that number and improve efficiency.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): It all boils down to the fact that sellers need to maximize the amount of time they spend with customers. One way to do this is to eliminate as much manual data entry as possible. Whenever you want data moving from one system to another, you should always find a way to do that in an automated fashion. Don’t waste your sales reps’ time with these tedious tasks! It’s time to invest in software that’s integrated and allows you to get the most out of your technology. 

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