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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is Microsoft’s answer to bringing your CRM data to the cloud.  It is a full featured CRM platform that now runs in Microsoft’s data centers so you don’t have to worry about all the IT hassles associated with running a CRM solution on-premises.  There are many benefits to using Microsoft’s cloud offering as the backbone of your sales solution.  

Here are just a few:

Super Easy to Deploy

One of the biggest advantages of a cloud based solution is there is generally very little to do in order to get started.  Point your web browser to the right URL, create some accounts and you are good to go.  Creating a workflow that is useful for your sales reps and your specific sales process is still required but the basic task of getting up and going is about as simple as it gets.

Subscription Licensing

When moving from on-premises software to the cloud there is an opportunity to move to subscription pricing.  Instead of laying out a very large sum for a long standing license, subscription models allow more flexible per user, per month type pricing.  This might allow a more graduated deployment and more flexible budgeting options.

Microsoft Office Integration

Your CRM solution is only part of the overall technology stack that your reps will need to use everyday.  One piece of technology that is also universally required are office tools like Word, Excel and most importantly perhaps Outlook.  It has always been Microsoft’s strategy to provide the best CRM experience from within the Office tools and this strategy holds benefits for your sales team.

Better Future LinkedIn integration?

This one is an educated guess on my part and we probably won’t see benefits for a while but Microsoft clearly acquired LinkedIn to bolster its CRM ecosystem.  In most sales organizations, LinkedIn is a critical component of their daily workflow.  Whether it is an inside sales rep researching companies and prospects or a field rep getting to know and communicate with customer more effectively – it has a role.  Microsoft will eventually blend these worlds together and in the process make most of these workflows better.  Working with Dynamics is a great way to future proof some of these scenarios.

Growing Partner Ecosystem

Microsoft recently launched AppSource, which is an application marketplace for their business applications like CRM and ERP.  AppSource is easy to search and also very easy to try the software if they are integrated with Microsoft Azure.  This is another side benefit of moving to the cloud – implementing value-added partners to your solution also becomes very simple.  For example, Tellwise is listed in AppSource right here.

While Dynamics CRM Online is a great sales foundation, Tellwise brings the opportunity to take your sales operation to another level.  Modern sales organizations are defined by their ability to know their prospects and be more responsive than their competition.  That means tracking everything that your sales does, tracking the activities of your prospects and communicating with those prospects in the communication channel of their choice.  Tellwise brings all those modes of communication together to make sellers more efficient and then analyzes the data and automatically stores it in Dynamics.  The result is a more efficient sales team, better data on customer behaviour and ultimately better sales results.

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