Building Better Client Relationships

Original post from Colleen Francis

Build Relationships – Not Resistance
As salespeople, we generally have between 4 and 30 seconds to make a first impression on our prospects that will compel them to want to engage with us.

Unfortunately, by the end of these all-important first few seconds, the vast majority of salespeople leave their prospects feeling more like “oh darn, it’s a sales person, how do I get them off the phone,” and less like “oh, this is interesting, I think I should stay and listen!”

Why? Because most of us tend to open our calls – cold calls, prospecting calls and follow-up calls alike – with statements that create resistance, instead of creating a relationship.
Building solid relationships with your prospect can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of your call, presentation, and meeting.  Creating a one-on-one connection, making them feel important and valued, and ensuring that they are heard throughout the process can turn a cold lead warm, and open up the door to many more opportunities.

However, many salespeople have grown accustomed to reciting their scripts and prefacing their statements with apologies and qualifiers, all without even noticing the signs, negative or positive, coming from the prospect.  Salespeople have a horrid reputation for being pushy and self-interested, and it is time for a shift in the way the public thinks about salespeople.  It’s time to focus on building real, valuable connections, and making more sales by first building better client relationships.

Build better relationships with your prospects.
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