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How a Strong Sales Cadence Keeps Your Sales Team Marching Forward Together


Research shows that in order to maximize your conversion rate you’ll need to touch a prospect 8 to 12 times, in part because 80% of leads do not close on the first call. Typically, this series of “touches” will occur as a combination of emails and phone calls on the part of your sales team.…


Sales Motivation for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Tellwise good bad ugly

Successful salespeople are a special breed. They are amazing in their ability to sell, their high energy levels and their drive. However, the highly competitive profile of a successful sales rep can also make them a challenge to work with and especially to lead. But lead you must, if you want the kind of motivated sales team that produces better sellers and more revenue for business.… Read more >>

Enable Your Sales Team with a CRM System

Original post from Nancy Nardin:
CRM as a Strategic Advantage:
Implementing CRM across any sales organization is a big deal. If you’ve gone through it, you probably started with a lengthy needs-analysis and followed it up with a good amount of vendor research. No doubt, you developed high expectations for your implementation by the time you were ready.

Weekly Sales Meetings: Remember the 4 Cs

Original post from Leanne HoaglandSmith:
The 3 Cs of Weekly Sales Meetings:
Communicate—When the sales team members communicate their results of the previous week, this builds momentum.
Collaborate—Through the communication, the less experienced members can learn from the more seasoned professionals who share how they overcame specific sales obstacles.

Size Doesn’t Matter: 6 Tips for Leading the Inside Sales Teams at an SMB


Your business might fall into the SMB category, but that doesn’t mean your sales goals are small—or even mid-sized. Plus, if you’re the sales manager of an inside sales team at a small- to mid-size company, you have just as many responsibilities managing that team as your counterparts at the conglomerates and corporations.… Read more >>