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Shifting to Inside Sales? Know How to Recognize the Traits of Outside vs. Inside Sales People

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Since 2009, inside sales roles have grown at a 7.5% rate annually. It doesn’t sound so dramatic until you compare the 0.5% growth of outside or field sales roles. This trend will only continue as companies shift to inside sales models to cut costs and put technology to work.
However, this shift is also due in part to changing buying behavior.… Read more >>

When It Comes to Sales Technology, There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Silver Bullet’ Tool

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At a recent American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) event, Paul Leto, Director, Inside Sales for the Americas at F5 Networks, took attendees through F5’s sales process in order to shed light on how companies should choose a sales technology for their business.
The company’s sales department recently went through a reorganization in part to improve sales productivity and to increase the direct revenue contribution from Leto’s inside sales team.… Read more >>

5 Things You Need to Know to Make It in Inside Sales

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Across the nation, businesses are shifting from outside to inside sales models.
And why not?
Technology makes it easy for customers to research products and prices on their own before ever talking to a sales person. Technology also offers multiple ways for people to communicate, including email, social media, texting, Skype and chat, which decreases the need for setting up face-to-face meetings.… Read more >>

Need a Refresher, Resource or Reminder? Check Out Our 6 Favorite Sales Blogs

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Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Jeff Gitomer…these are some big names in the field of sales, and chances are you’ve read one of their books or at least heard their names. And books can be a great way to educate yourself as a salesperson, and to reinvigorate your attitude and improve your methods every once in a while when you need a shot in the arm.… Read more >>

5 Tips for Running a Pipeline Review Meeting That Matters

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When you say “pipeline review meeting,” what mental images pop into the minds of your salespeople? If you suspect images of stopped clocks or even the dentist’s chair, it might be time to review how such meetings are run before the next one is scheduled.
Sales managers have pipeline review meetings to keep deals moving through the sales cycle and to ensure reps are focused on those deals that are more likely to close.… Read more >>