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Are Online Reviews Out Of Your Control?

reviews-out-of-control -Tellwise
Potential buyers aren’t just using the Internet to do research on your products; they’re also validating their findings with online reviews. Furthermore, customers take what they read on such reviews seriously. So, are online reviews are out of your control? Not completely! Learn how to better manage what people say about your organization. Read more >>

Improving Sales Engagement: 5 Metrics To Track Soft Skills

For years, research has shown that workers with quality “soft skills” have more career success and contribute more to their companies than people who only have highly technical skills. We’d suggest they’re also better when it comes to sales engagement, too. Discover what metrics sales managers should use to better measure soft skills and improve sales engagement. Read more >>

3 Ways Collaboration Software Helps Sales Reps To Stop Wasting Time

A recent article shows that sales reps only spend 1.5 days a week on “effective selling.” The remaining 3.5 days are spent on meetings, administration, lead generation, travel, training and service calls. Fortunately, using collaboration software eliminates some of these time-wasting challenges, freeing up precious moments to do more selling. Read more >>