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Stop Sinking in Sales Interview Quicksand

Original post from Leanne Hoagland-Smith:

The Quicksand Known as Sales Fact Finding Questions:
While knowing to ask the right questions is indeed important, sometimes being so focused on these questions has you quickly drowning in quicksand before you know it.
When salespeople become so intent on one aspect, they may lose sight of the bigger picture.

Part 2: Increase Sales Size With These 10 Upselling Tips


In our last post, we tackled the topic of upselling—both why you should do it, and five tips for doing it better. Now, we’ll tackle the remaining five posts, all with the goal of giving you the information you need to make the upsell part of your everyday sales process.
Tip 6: Justify your recommendations
So, you have done your research and determined your customer can benefit from adding additional items to their purchase.… Read more >>

Part 1: Increase Sales Size with 10 Upselling Tricks


Upselling—the technique of increasing the size of a sale by convincing the buyer to choose a more expensive option or additional items. On the surface, it seems like upselling is something every sales person would want to pursue. After all, you already have the customer, right? It’s simply a matter of taking them one step farther down the sales path.… Read more >>

8 Tips to Drive Conversions with a Customer-Focused Approach


The marketplace has evolved into quite a customer-centric one. With personalized marketing and social media at the forefront, customers are now used to being catered to, and they expect it across the board, both in the B2C and B2B worlds.
This expectation is reflected in failed lead nurturing. According to MarketSherpa, 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales.… Read more >>

4 Tips for Measuring—and Improving—Prospecting Effectiveness


Wouldn’t it be great if prospects fell from the sky like raindrops? Then we could get straight to the business of selling! Alas, they don’t. Instead, inside sales reps have the task of finding them, connecting with them, and attempting to get them into the sales funnel so we can eventually get to the best part: closing.… Read more >>