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4 Tips for Measuring—and Improving—Prospecting Effectiveness


Wouldn’t it be great if prospects fell from the sky like raindrops? Then we could get straight to the business of selling! Alas, they don’t. Instead, inside sales reps have the task of finding them, connecting with them, and attempting to get them into the sales funnel so we can eventually get to the best part: closing.… Read more >>

Take Sales Objections with a Grain of Salt

Original post fromJeff Shore:
How to Handle Your Buyer’s Tough Sales:
Objections are tough. I get it. An important fact to remember is that if a buyer is discussing an objection with you, then it is not a deal breaker, it is a deal pauser!
If a prospective buyer is still considering purchasing a home, then they are motivated to discuss objections with a sales person.

Size Doesn’t Matter: 6 Tips for Leading the Inside Sales Teams at an SMB


Your business might fall into the SMB category, but that doesn’t mean your sales goals are small—or even mid-sized. Plus, if you’re the sales manager of an inside sales team at a small- to mid-size company, you have just as many responsibilities managing that team as your counterparts at the conglomerates and corporations.… Read more >>

Inside Sales Corner: Thursday is the New Tuesday for Sales Emails

Tellwise Thursday New Tuesday

Successful prospecting has a lot to do with getting the timing right.
Due to the digital age we live in now, today’s prospecting is much more sophisticated, timed to happen when those on the receiving end are the most receptive to our message. With the endless resources the internet provides, buyers are at least 57% of the way through their purchasing process.… Read more >>