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Inside Sales Corner: How to Speed Up – and Warm Up – the Sales Process with Technology

Tellwise Technology Sales Process

Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) face multiple challenges, and chief among them is a sales cycle that is just too slow. In fact, a slow sales process was rated one of the biggest barriers in CSO Insights’ recent survey.
Part of this slowness comes from a sales representative’s lack of control of the buyer’s decision making process.… Read more >>

5 Tips for Running a Pipeline Review Meeting That Matters

Tellwise Pipeline Meetings

When you say “pipeline review meeting,” what mental images pop into the minds of your salespeople? If you suspect images of stopped clocks or even the dentist’s chair, it might be time to review how such meetings are run before the next one is scheduled.
Sales managers have pipeline review meetings to keep deals moving through the sales cycle and to ensure reps are focused on those deals that are more likely to close.… Read more >>

How You as a Sales Leader Can Help Your Team Build Better CRM Habits

Tellwise CRM

Your company invested in Customer Revenue Management (CRM) software for a reason—or perhaps multiple reasons. In order to get a return on that investment and benefit from the tool, your sales people must use the tool. But knowing they should does not mean they will, or at least not to its fullest extent.… Read more >>

Teaching as a Part of Selling: Be Your Buyer’s Co-Pilot

Over the last year, we’ve witnessed a tremendous increase in the interest of “insight selling”. With this increase, sellers have begun to think of themselves as teachers. This approach makes sense when looking at what a sales person really does. The seller’s job isn’t to bombard the masses with general marketing messages, but rather to explain that their product or service will deliver the best possible value to their customers.…