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The Who, What, How, and When of Successful Sales Follow-Up

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What if all you had to do to make a sale was pick up the phone and talk to someone with a budget? That would be easy! But it would also be droll. Like it or not, successful sales requires sales follow up—sometimes lots of follow up.

Sales follow up both helps to move a prospect through the pipeline towards a decision, but it also helps to keep your organization top of mind when a prospect isn’t ready to start down the path toward a purchase—yet.…


Sales Data, Insights, and the New Science of Selling

Tellwise-the science of selling

Originally posted by Conrad Bayer on LinkedIn Pulse.

Sales and marketing are rapidly changing. Marketing is automating many areas of upper funnel activities developing suspects into prospects, adapting to buyer personas and using multiple channels to guide potential buyers into the sales funnel.  Sales is also rapidly changing.  The influence of the marketing discipline is growing in importance for sales because of its focus on data, repeatable processes and analysis.  …


Lead Scoring Best Practices for More Sales with Less Effort


Not all leads are created equal. That means lead generation in and of itself is not enough. In fact, too much focus on generating leads without any effort to qualify them can lead to a quantity-over-quality mentality that will leave your sales team frustrated and ineffective.  Implementing some lead scoring best practices can make all the difference.…