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Understanding Sales Goals Influencers

Original post from Tony Zambito:
The Pursuit of Goals Drive Buyer Decisions:
Market behavior, in its most simplistic form, is about buying and selling. As simplistic as it may appear, market behaviors are filled with complex goal-directed behaviors, activities and choices that ultimately drive buying and selling.
When you can uncover end goals related to buyer decisions and draw connections to pursuit goals, you are offered insights into goal-directed behaviors and choices.

3 Reasons Why Sales Should Care About Customer Loyalty

Quiz time: What type of sale would you prefer your team to close?

  1. Any sale (we need to meet our acquisition goals no matter what).
  2. A high-profile sale that brings in a huge chunk of revenue upfront.
  3. A small or large sale that continues to build in value.

If you answered with anything other than C, then it’s time to dig deeper.…


6 Ways To Transform Videos Into An Invaluable Sales Asset

Competing for attention online is a challenge. With videos you often just have 10 seconds to hook a viewer before they click through to something else. Yet video provides a compelling platform for delivering messages, and it should be part of your lead nurturing strategy. Learn six tips for transforming your videos into high-preforming sales assets. Read more >>