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How Effectively Do You Nurture Your Prospects?

Many sales organizations know that they need to deliver personalized sales assets to their prospects in order to build a relationship with them — at least on a wide scale. Unfortunately, what salespeople don’t know is that to actually reach the buyers who need their help, they must custom-tailor all of their nurture campaigns. Read more >>

Are Your Current B2B Marketing Efforts A Waste Of Time?

New research cited in a Forbes article suggests that developing buyer personas and personalizing content that solves problems for those people will not ultimately produce nurtured leads for B2B selling efforts. In other words, using content marketing for demand generation — in its current form, anyway — simply doesn’t work. Read more >>

Is It Time For A Big CRM Shake-Up?

CRM systems are — once again — ready to be overhauled. Even though they’ve come a long way, it looks like it’s time to shake things up again. began the CRM revolution with a system that could be accessed worldwide. Forbes shares an article offering three predictions about the future of CRM and we add the Tellwise perspective. Read more >>