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Sales Motivation Secrets: Celebrate Often to Keep Pushing Forward!

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It’s the end of the year, and that can only mean one of two things. Either you and your sales team are pushing forward to finish the year strong, or you could both use some serious sales motivation to get over this end-of-the-year slump. If you’re in the latter group, motivating yourself and others doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive, it just needs to be effective.…


Where Do You Stand? It’s Time to Review Your Sales Pipeline


For sales managers, Halloween isn’t nearly as scary as the fact that November is here and the end of 2015 is close behind—and that means the big reckoning as far as sales goals and your sales pipeline!

Do you know where your pipeline currently sits? Are you going to be sitting pretty come December 31 or a sitting duck, or wishing you could do 2015 all over again?…


Increase Your Sales: Take Charge of Your Inbox and Your Time

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Let’s be honest: We all have trouble staying focused and therefore productive throughout the workday. We get distracted by so many tasks that all require our attention, including incoming calls, multiple sales initiatives, offers, internal meetings, keeping up with email, writing phone scripts, researching prospects and more—much more.

What’s your biggest challenge to productivity throughout your workday?…