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Spark Engaging Sales Conversations By Cold Calling With Personality

Discover how to add personality to your cold-calling efforts and initiate more valuable sales discussions with your prospects. Effectively building customer relationships is a matter of more than the content you have to offer. Discover where to develop knowledge about your prospect base and how to frame what you’ve learned to your benefit. Read more >>

6 Ways To Use Sales Assets To ‘Warm Up’ Your Cold Calling

If sales reps personalize the sales experience by tailoring calls, emails and sales assets that they send to prospects, they’re more likely to solve their potential customers’ pain points and help them achieve business goals. Here are six ways to personalize your communication, which is going to make your cold efforts more successful. Read more >>

4 Tips For Lead Nurturing And Prospecting On Twitter

Using Twitter for prospecting and lead nurturing in the B2B space might not sound like an obvious choice. Sure, B2C salespeople do it all the time, but can the microblogging site really be as useful as LinkedIn for B2B? The answer is yes — as long as you do it right. We outline four tips to help you get the most out of Twitter. Read more >>

5 Simple Steps To Streamline Your Prospect Onboarding

Prospect onboarding challenges plague sales organizations everywhere. Processing vast amounts of data can be time-consuming, error-prone and often fruitless. The key to success is to offer personalized content and use the right technology to support it. Using cloud-based software eliminates the need for additional IT, hardware or programming. Read more >>

How To Pinpoint (And Solve) Your Prospects’ Problems

With most of your product information at their fingertips, the only way to actually reach prospects is by building relationships with them and helping to solve their problems, before they even know what their problems are. It’s a two-step process. First, identify their pain points, and then create personalized sales assets to address these pains. Read more >>