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For Top Sellers, Fewer is Better

Original post from Jill Konrath:
Cold Calling Revisited: What if Sales is Not a Numbers Game?:
For years, we’ve been told that sales is a numbers game. To be successful, all you needed to do was to fill your pipeline with an endless supply of suspects. And then, a certain percentage of them would miraculously turn into prospects, and ultimately customers – if you were persistent enough.

8 Tips to Drive Conversions with a Customer-Focused Approach


The marketplace has evolved into quite a customer-centric one. With personalized marketing and social media at the forefront, customers are now used to being catered to, and they expect it across the board, both in the B2C and B2B worlds.
This expectation is reflected in failed lead nurturing. According to MarketSherpa, 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales.… Read more >>

Enable Your Sales Team with a CRM System

Original post from Nancy Nardin:
CRM as a Strategic Advantage:
Implementing CRM across any sales organization is a big deal. If you’ve gone through it, you probably started with a lengthy needs-analysis and followed it up with a good amount of vendor research. No doubt, you developed high expectations for your implementation by the time you were ready.