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Understanding Sales Goals Influencers

Original post from Tony Zambito:
The Pursuit of Goals Drive Buyer Decisions:
Market behavior, in its most simplistic form, is about buying and selling. As simplistic as it may appear, market behaviors are filled with complex goal-directed behaviors, activities and choices that ultimately drive buying and selling.
When you can uncover end goals related to buyer decisions and draw connections to pursuit goals, you are offered insights into goal-directed behaviors and choices.

Selling to Millennials? Get In the Know with Social


Everyone in sales knows the importance of targeting customer segments for more relevant and effective selling. And as the Millennials come of age, get jobs and have money to spend, they are certainly a segment businesses want to sell to. And, a significant part of the population at 27%, including new buyers to target.… Read more >>

Take Sales Objections with a Grain of Salt

Original post fromJeff Shore:
How to Handle Your Buyer’s Tough Sales:
Objections are tough. I get it. An important fact to remember is that if a buyer is discussing an objection with you, then it is not a deal breaker, it is a deal pauser!
If a prospective buyer is still considering purchasing a home, then they are motivated to discuss objections with a sales person.

For the Love of Prospecting: 6 Sales Prospecting Tips


As a sales manager or VP, you know that sales people often view prospecting as the most difficult aspect of their jobs. Some may even be afraid of doing it, and if they’re afraid of doing it, they’re less likely to do it. Yet without prospecting, one doesn’t generate leads!
As the person managing the sales team, you also know it’s your job to lead them toward success—helping them overcome any anxiety or fear about prospecting so they can eventually excel at it.… Read more >>

Killing It with Email: Sales Email Template Best Practices


Every inside sales rep knows the value of sales emails for prospecting, nurturing and following up as part of the sales process. Last year, 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email. Yet as time saving as email can be, crafting effective emails when starting from scratch and trying to find just the right words can also be time consuming.… Read more >>