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Why Email Still Matters for Prospecting – And How Inside Sales Can Make the Most of It

Tellwise Email Matters

Chances are, your email inbox is full. And if you’ve dutifully cleaned it out, chances are it will be full again soon. That—in part—is due to email marketing, a means of selling so widespread that people are turning to apps to try and manage the daily deluge.
However, the other reason for your full inbox is simply that email is one of the only channels available that reaches people on a one-to-one level.… Read more >>

Don’t Write Off Social Selling So Fast… 4 Tips to Sell Better on LinkedIn

Tellwise Social Selling LinkedIn

B2B buyers are completing 70% of their sale before contacting the sales representative. This highlights how much buyers are influenced through social media sites, like LinkedIn, which is specifically designed for business people. Social sellers are sales leaders. They are innovative by using the right tools to socially surround their buyers.… Read more >>

How Targeted Is Your Selling Strategy?

Tellwise Target CUstomers

Any salesperson worth their salt knows the importance of talking to prospects in a relevant way. Yet not every salesperson has totally grasped the concept of buyer personas to help make those relevant conversations a reality. Buyer personas can help move this process along and improve sales on the way.
A buyer persona is like a made-up customer profile, except it’s not really made up because it’s based on actual experiences with actual customers.… Read more >>

Content Marketing Can Jumpstart the Sales Process with Awareness, Leads and Engagement

Tellwise Content Marketing

Content marketing is critical for a successful sales team because it introduces brands, opens doors and paves the way to conversations that can lead to sales. Farther along in the sales process, content marketing can help to educate prospects and even position sales people as trusted subject matter experts.
And, sales teams are starting to ask their marketing departments for content they can share with potential buyers..… Read more >>